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Bridging the divide | Mac Consulting

Bridging The Divide

The Bridge represents MACs ability to bridge the divide between:
– Strategy and Implementation
– Knowledge and Practice
– Concept and Reality

Accessibility | Mac Consulting


The Door Handle represents MACs:
– Accessibility
– Remove barriers to growth
– Ability to Recognise Opportunities

Delivering Enduring Value | Mac Consulting

Delivering Enduring Value

The Smile represents MACs ability to:
– Deliver Enduring Value to clients and MAC employees
– Create a lasting positive impression on stakeholders

Our Services

How do we create value?

Consistently creating sustainable business value for over 25 years.

Rather than trying to do everything well, MAC focuses on doing a few things with excellence. We have genuine passion for partnering with and assisting our clients in realising their strategic intents, designing and implementing projects, and delivering meaningful business change and results.

Integrated Solutions

We offer two major areas of capability in our construction of integrated solutions for business transformation: Business Performance and People and Culture. These are supported by our capabilities in the Agile methodology and project and programme management.

Business Performance

Connecting strategic impact to impactful outcomes

Our business performance offering helps leaders and organisations connect strategic intent to impactful outcomes by focusing on deliberate, strategic choices and execution effectiveness. Key to our business performance approach is a set of fundamental design principles:

  • We see leadership as a key driver of strategic change.
  • We recognise people as the key enablers for action.
  • We focus on core drivers of value and what really matters.
  • We aim for appropriate, shared value creation, outcomes and impact.
  • We integrate digital as an enabler of organisational capabilities and products or services

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People and Culture

Unlocking people potential for sustained organisational value

At MAC, we understand that successful organisations are built and sustained by their people. In this regard, we deliver integrated people solutions that unlock value in four key areas:

  • leadership capability
  • the organisational environment including structures and governance
  • the work that needs to be done
  • the individuals within the organisation.

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Enabling Capabilities

We have a set of enabling capabilities that support many of our projects. These ensure that we are disciplined yet highly flexible in what we deliver, and mindful of our impact on our communities.

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