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Effective talent management is increasingly becoming a key enabler and differentiator of business success. In order to remain competitive, employers need to appeal to talented prospective employees with a compelling value proposition and an onboarding experience that is immersive, fun, and engaging. All this while getting new hires up to speed and adding value faster, as well as ensuring retention.

With virtual reality becoming mainstream and accessible, virtual onboarding is starting to become commonplace for digitally enabled businesses. This can be done before the first day, ensuring an emotional connection with new hires, as well as ameliorating any apprehension that they may be experiencing.

Virtual onboarding can be linked to various web-based content, for example SharePoint, YouTube, the company’s website or online Learning Management System (LMS), etc., to monitor and track onboarding progress. New hires get to meet key role players and can be exposed to facts, figures, and ways of working in a way that is self-paced and that drives a sense of empowerment.

Welcome to the new way of onboarding talent – welcome to Virtual Employee Onboarding.

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