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The Transition to Working Remotely

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Teams are currently transitioning to working remotely, which comes with a range of new challenges. MAC has developed a ‘getting started quick guide’ on how to successfully work remotely to assist with these challenges.

Transitioning to working remotely unearths certain challenges for teams:

  • Different scenarios call for different digital solutions.
  • Different team members prefer different technology platforms, which needs to be aligned to agreed standards.
  • Team member online working skills are at different levels of maturity, where an agreement to a standard allows for focused upskilling.
  • Less visibility on progress requires a focus on transparency.

MAC’s Working Remotely guide covers the following areas, considering several different scenarios to successfully work remotely:

  • Microsoft Teams best practices
  • Collaborating on a document
  • Best practices for online meetings plus practical tips
  • Scrum meetings and standups
  • Brainstorming with Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Project Management standards
  • Mental wellness

Connect with the MAC team to help your team understand how to successfully transition to working remotely.

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