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Meet Dipti Batta, Senior Principal Consultant & Agile SME

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Dipti Batta

For those who have had the privilege of meeting Dipti Batta, the words to describe her are not hard to come by. ‘Passionate’, ‘energetic’, and ‘amiable’ are the words best suited to her manner, while ‘change-enabler’, ‘client-centric’, ‘agile enthusiast’ and ‘deeply knowledgeable’ can be used when describing her professionalism.

Dipti has over 22 years’ experience in helping multinational clients achieve their outcomes using her relevant expertise in streams, ranging from organisational transformations enabling an Agile, Lean and Biz-Dev-Ops way of working; People Change Management; Enterprise Agile coaching; ITIL; Benefits Realization; SDLC models; Project/Program/Delivery Management and Operational Excellence. Dipti first joined the “MAC family of consultants,” as she aptly describes the company, over one and a half years ago.

Agile is not just a craft for Dipti, it is a way of life. She often describes true agility as the commitment and focus to deliver the right value to the right customer at the right time with the right approach, despite the changing environment and other challenges. Dipti explains that true agility is the result of the synergy between:

  • ‘Being agile’, defined as the right mindset, behaviours and skills across all levels to support the above-mentioned commitment and focus, and
  • ’Doing agile’, which is defined as the adoption of the right processes, tools and structures to support ‘Being agile’.

With MAC, she has become closely associated with consulting and now leads the MAC-agility offering where she is currently focussed on exploring the right ways of infusing and synergising true agility across all levels – strategic, enterprise and operational. Her prior strong delivery experience, coupled with change management and consultancy, provides an edge to her outcomes. She is able to solve customer needs in the right way with high-level focus on customer-centricity. She finds fulfilment in the work she does at MAC by guiding customers through a journey where they can benefit from new ways of working in the context of their needs, all with the aim of enhancing business and organisational success outcomes.

Despite the challenges of today’s world related to uncertainty/ ambiguity/ complexity etc., Dipti fundamentally believes that businesses and organisations need to find better ways of achieving more beneficial, risk managed and sustainable business and organisational outcomes with the necessary speed and innovative thinking to maintain a competitive edge. In this context, an agility-driven approach mitigates the limitations of a traditional approach and helps businesses and organisations achieve their desired success with more probability and certainty.

Stay tuned for more of Dipti’s insights as MAC shares its Adaptive and Responsive Strategy service offering which can support your organisation in its growth. For more information on how MAC-agile can benefit you in the changing world of work, contact us at

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