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The True Essence of Agility

The True Essence of Agility

‘Agility’ is a noun that characterises something that is nimble, fast and flexible. Unpacking the ‘agility’ characteristics includes focusing on the most optimised approach and therefore considers all potential options and manages the risks of doing something new, so that the essence of ‘agility’ is not impacted.

Think of an image of a football team. They work as team towards a common team goal, inspecting and adapting their moves according to their opponent’s movements and the nature of the football ground – they inch towards achieving that goal, using retrospection and refining their strategy during the course of the match.

This essence of agility demonstrated by the mentioned football team is much needed for success by organisations and business in today’s VUCCA world, which is characterised by disruption, constant change, more aware customers and social media revolution.

This agility requires the right mindset, behaviors, commitment and focus on the given goal, ability to inspect and adapt quickly and risk-managed experimentation to test innovative thinking for competitive advantage.

It is not that we do not value agile practices, trainings and certifications – rather, we value the right mindset, behaviors, commitment and focus on goals and consider these crucial to tap the potential of using the agile practices and related trainings and certifications more effectively.

It is also key to note that the organisation’s vision, definition of success and anticipated business outcomes are key foundational elements for guiding true agility, of which the aspects are as follows:

  • Commitment and focus to deliver the right BIRTSS value – value, which is benefit driven, investment optimal, risk managed, timely, sustainable and scalable.
  • In an iterative manner so that the value delivery is fit for purpose.
  • In an incremental manner so that slices of right BIRTSS value are delivered early and continuously, enabling feedback loops to validate, enhance or course correct value delivery, ensuring a high focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Leveraging the collective wisdom and innovative potential of your people supported by risk managed experimentation skills.
  • Ensuring a high level of people work satisfaction index and happiness index.

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