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Resilience During a Time of Crisis

Resilience During a Time of Crisis

Resilience: the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity.

The world is currently under immense pressure. So much has happened since President Ramaphosa’s first address to the nation. The world seems to have been brought to a standstill by the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus, which is wreaking havoc in ways that none of us would have dreamt was possible.

Just when we had started getting our heads around the new “normal”, new measures including the 21-day lockdown, as well as an additional 2-week lockdown, were announced. These measures have been widely applauded because similar methods have been successfully used to arrest the rapid spread of the virus in other countries.

These new measures have, however, already had an enormous impact on businesses in South Africa and businesses need to continue to ensure they can cope in the face of these constraints.

Leaders, teams and organisations need to be able to respond to the unexpected and recover vital business processes quickly:

  • Leadership must maintain their capability to respond to, and recover from, the unexpected
  • It is important to make the time and space to engage as a team during this uncertain time
  • We must ensure there is alignment on stressing the importance of the building for the future and the opportunities it provides for the organisation

MAC works with individuals and teams to enhance resilience behaviours, elements and dimensions during times of crisis through an integrated remote coaching process that utilises telephonic and digital coaching channels. This virtual process is time efficient, allowing individuals to contract their time effectively.

The MAC resilience coaching provides individuals with skills and processes to assist them in managing the recent challenges and changes and to remain resilient and productive during this time of transition. It also provides the skills to assist with any future changes they may need to manage in order to remain resilient and productive.

The coaching does not determine whether individuals can do their job, but how to cope with a different set of circumstances – how to keep people doing their job.

Connect with the MAC team to successfully build resilience as individuals, in your team and in your organisation during a time of crisis.