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Meet MAC’s Executives: Trevor Jamieson, Senior Executive

Meet MAC’s Executives: Trevor Jamieson, Senior Executive

Passionate, energetic and an all-round team player. That’s me!

I’m a Senior Executive at MAC Consulting, a management consulting company which focuses on broad base management consulting. We’ve been in business for 26 years. MAC is a South African based company with an extensive project footprint on the African continent and globally. Our client base consists of 4 major sectors: mining, oil, gas and chemicals, ICT and financial services business. Mining and oil have been premier for MAC as major mining companies and petrochemical companies have entrusted us with the privilege to continuously drive their growth since the birth of our company. Financial and telecommunication services were recently introduced into our practice and have enabled tremendous growth regarding our capabilities which now also consist of technology projects.

I’ve worked at MAC Consulting for a total of 11 years and learnt a few things along the way, the foundation of which are process-, people- and project excellence.

Having completed my Financial Accounting degree at Stellenbosch University, my contribution to research with PHD students at London Business School on Property Investment and completing my post graduate diploma in Business Administration at GIBS Business School has had a fantastic influence on and a firm foundation for the task of Senior Executive at MAC Consulting. But it wasn’t always glitz and prestige! I started off as a Project Coordinator where I excelled in organisational effectiveness and transformation. That’s when I learnt the importance of strategy, process and performance management. The goal is to build appropriate capabilities, problem solve and deliver excellence to our clients. I love doing great work for great clients with a great team. I believe in the concept of egalitarian rather than hierarchy and, as most would say and of which I firmly believe, “you are only as good as your team”.

Overall, our ability to incorporate diversity, inclusivity and transformation; innovation and cross collaboration; customer value and the appetite to tackle complex business challenges; as well as help our clients on their growth journey has made my path to Senior Executive an exciting and memorable one.