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Business Case Analysis -  What a Project Manager should know: Part 5

Business Case Analysis -  What a Project Manager should know: Part 5

In part 4 of this article we looked at key metrics and indicators included in a Business Case. In this final part, we conclude by demonstrating the importance of communicating the project’s impact to the wider organisation.

Business Case Communication

Once the impact of the project on the organisation is identified, it should be communicated. Acceptance by users and management is vital for successful systems development. The degree to which the organisation accepts these changes will affect:

  • achievement of benefits
  • speed of implementation
  • training requirements
  • degree of project risk
  • overall success of the proposed system

The project team should ensure there is ongoing input from, and participation by, all stakeholders. The team should communicate any required changes and gain the stakeholders' ongoing acceptance and cooperation.

Rule of Thumb: Included in Method One’s business case process is the statement "As the development proceeds, management often believes approximations to be more accurate than they really are, and may begin to view them as commitments. It is important, therefore, to manage expectations." You may not succeed but try anyway. 


Having the right business case doesn’t guarantee the ultimate success of the project but it does provide a clearly defined initial starting point. A starting point, that at its best will serve as a beacon of light when the project is in danger of being caught on the shoals of normal "Murphy" related chaos and confusion.  

Rules of Thumb Source: Donna Fitzgerald (Donna Fitgerald internet presentation)