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Meet MAC’s Executives: Shaun Schmidt, Senior Executive

Meet MAC’s Executives: Shaun Schmidt, Senior Executive

Shaun Schmidt, Senior Executive

At MAC Consulting we help our clients equip their organisation for the future. This includes people and process excellence as well as how our clients make changes to their businesses with project disciplines, incorporating focus on value, agile methodology and change management.

I consider myself a Business Transformation specialist. My skills are at the intersection of people, business and technology. I started developing these skills while completing my BSc in Computer Science, but that was so long ago, computers were mainly mainframes then! But, my additional undergraduate majors in Psychology and English, representing my broad interest in many subjects has led me to where I am today.

I have been with MAC for 12 years where I fulfil the role of a Senior Client Executive. I look after client portfolios, develop relationships with executives and help solve their important business issues. I also recently took up two major new tasks: heading up our Business Development function and the other, building MAC’s Digital Business.

Career achievements include leading the relaunch of when I worked in the UK, a massive global project; and building an e-commerce platform for the paper industry in Europe. At MAC I have helped one of South Africa’s largest international companies through a major operating model change. I worked on their long-range strategy and helped design and implement their culture change programme. The body of work I have done with them is probably my biggest legacy at MAC.

Currently at MAC I lead my Client Account Team and the Business Development Team, and I am helping establish a MAC Digital Team. I make sure that I do this with talented and energetic individuals.

What I enjoy most about my position is the variety of challenges. I have the freedom to decide my own priorities. I lead groups of talented people. I have the constant challenge of solving new problems, and having to stay at the cutting edge of developments. This allows me to always keep learning.

In summary I enjoy working with interesting, smart, good people. I find fulfilment in solving problems and making a better world one person and one business at a time!