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This year, many companies and organisation have found themselves caught, to coin a popular phrase, ‘between a rock and a hard place.’ Those in leadership roles have had to make uncompromising decisions due to the external factors which have thrown their businesses into a tailspin. They would have felt trapped, without any other way out.

Ask Aron Ralston about that. In 2003, the American outdoorsman became trapped in a canyon in Utah when he dislodged a 360kg boulder which ended up pinning his right wrist to the side of a canyon wall. He was literally ‘caught between a rock and a hard place.’ With nobody knowing where he was, no cell phone and minimal supplies, he was well and truly trapped.

How did he get out, and how does this apply to leadership? First of all, he worked with what he had – his own urine to keep him hydrated and a multi-tool with a blunt knife which he used to amputate his own arm. Gruesome, yes. Necessary, absolutely. Without making tough decisions, he would have died. After 127 hours of being trapped, he rappelled, one-armed, down a 20m sheer wall and hiked 9.7km until encountering other hikers who were able to get him help.

Businesses need to adapt to tough circumstances and are often forced to work with what they have. Daunting decisions will need to be made to ensure that the business survives. Are you ready to make those choices? Often, there is a way out, you just may not have seen it yet. MAC Consulting, specialist management consultants, have been creating sustainable business value for over 25 years and are in a position to look at your company objectively and advise on the best course of action.

Since his recovery, Ralston has continued to climb mountains, and wrote an acclaimed book titled Between a Rock and a Hard Place. He is a sought-after motivational speaker, and his harrowing tale was turned into a successful film starring James Franco, 127 Hours.