Mac Consulting
  • Sub optimal resolution of existing Business challenges due to limitations of current way of thinking and working.
  • No common language and holistic approach towards agility as different Business units engaged with different agile vendors
  • Perception that agile conflicts with other methodologies being adopted in the organization leading to unnecessary conflict, unnecessary ‘waste’ in the delivery process and opportunity loss


  • Agile CoE was setup and enabled to provide the right guidance on agility for all business units (IT and non-IT domains) in the organization. The execution of Agile CoE functions has resulted in
  • Focus and resolution of gaps in the existing approach towards agile transformation being addressed with a more contextual case of agility
  • Maturity of agility transformation being directly linked to enhanced business/ organizational delivery outcomes supported by relevant metrics. Hence more control on ensuring the ROI for agility
  • Effective Agile people change management across all levels for sustainable outcomes