Mac Consulting

A division of the group, had to align their own strategy, operating model and organisational structure to the new overall Strategy. The following challenges regarding the above were directly addressed:

  • Current change management plan required a comprehensive review and realignment
  • Key culture shifts and behaviours were not clearly identified and articulated to support the new strategy
  • Oversight was required in the drafting of a new operating model and ways of work supported by change management
  • Wellness approach and initiatives required further development post restructuring


  • An agile change management, communication and implementation plan was successfully developed and applied along the leadership spine – ensuring a smooth transition from the old operating model and strategy to the new
  • New cultural behaviours and ways of work were identified
  • The culture transformation journey and implementation plan was clearly articulated and explained with all roles
  • Employee wellness initiatives were implemented throughout the journey to mitigate the psychological impact of change.