Mac Consulting
  • Company had bad reviews on their claims handling process and therefore began investigating new ways to better improve the service they provide to their clientele.
  • The group was not aware when customers are having a bad experience
  • There exist multiple customer hand-offs & interactions in the process
  • Claims handlers are handling more claims each day compared to the previous day thus increasing their load

The following are expected business results as MAC was not involved in the implementation phase of the project:

  • Improved customer experience & customer retention
  • Improved NPS (net promoter score) & eNPS ( employee net promoter score)
  • Reduced claims turn-around times(TAT)
  • Gained capacity to identify bottlenecks during early stages of process & mitigate accordingly
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Improved employee claims handling experience
  • rovide most-profit generating clients with an even more frictionless process