Leveraging the sweet spot between Agility and Data

In our previous article Leveraging Data-driven Agility in an Agile World, we explored the notion of data-driven decision making in agile delivery environments, which is vitally important in delivering incremental value. The Oxford Dictionary defines symbiosis as “a...

How to make change management happen in the most effective way

Many things can put your business at risk, including changes to your organisation, people or technology. The current pandemic has put many businesses under unprecedented pressure, and some even teetering on the brink of survival. Crises like this quickly turn change...

Future-ready part 2: Diversity – an essential ingredient for a future-ready organisation

In his seminal 1937 essay, “The nature of the firm,” the economist and eventual Nobel laureate Ronald Coase argued that corporations exist to avoid the transaction costs of the free market. Yet with transaction costs plummeting (spurred by rising connectivity)...

Future-ready part 1: What does a future-ready business look like in the new normal?

The pressure to change had been building for years. Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, senior executives routinely worried that their organisations were too slow, too siloed, too bogged down in complicated matrix structures, too bureaucratic. What many leaders feared,...

Organisation Design: Restructuring or Reshuffling to enable Strategy

Customer expectations are not just changing; they are exceeding the ability of a business to deliver on time. They are looking for alternatives, with more emphasis on experience and convenience. To keep up, companies are evolving their offering to meet the...

How to fill the gap between Strategy and Execution

Organisations are great at setting their strategy and identifying their goals, but they fall short when it comes to their operating model review and redesign, the key component that enables the strategy and drives the achievement of goals. Operating models consist of...

Culture PART 2: The role of leaders in a culture shift

In the previous article in this series we examined the effect of COVID-19 on an organisation’s culture. Now, we turn the focus onto the role of leadership and technology in leveraging culture. When an organisation decides to change its culture – be it planned or...

Culture PART 1: Did COVID-19 signal the end for hierarchical organisations?

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, human capital is defined as: “the knowledge, skills, competencies and other attributes embodied in individuals or groups of individuals acquired during their life and used to produce goods,...

Meet MAC’s Executives: Karina Jardim, Senior Executive

“Exceptionally talented consultant” “An absolute pleasure to work with” “Driven by a desire to see people grow” If you know Karina Jardim, you know that these phrases used to describe Karina ring undoubtedly true. She is a name that is valued to every MACer, whether...

Thriving in the Age of Digital Adoption: Embracing the Workforce Ecosystem (part 2)

In the first part of this series, we looked at how the fears of technological innovation are resulting in an unproductive resistance toward modernisation, even as it gains extraordinary pace in 2021. We also delved into the importance of a growth mindset in allowing...

Mac Consulting


Globalisation, exponential changes in our world and advances in technology are fundamentally shifting business models and ways of working for all organisations.

We help organisations traverse the digital terrain to create agile, future-ready teams and businesses that are highly adapted to a changing world. Our expertise in this area enables clients to bring in new ways of working that support the integration of new technologies into every aspect of the business.

True digital transformation is made possible when digital solutions are thoroughly understood and the correct tools are selected to enhance your unique business goals, strategy and aspirations.


Digital Transformation

Unleashing business potential through technology

What we do 

Our digital transformation offering is a comprehensive suite of services that help organisations adapt and thrive in the rapidly changing digital landscape. We work with clients to leverage technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to optimise business processes, enhance customer experiences and drive innovation.

Our expertise in this area enables the adoption of digital technologies that improve customer experience, re-configure business processes, and develop business insights through data collection and analysis.


How we do it  

Our digital transformation approach is distinguished by our ability to align technology deployment, leadership, business strategy and culture. Our multi-disciplinary team will assist you to identify the tech capabilities most needed, and to integrate new or enhanced tech-based processes into people change and business transformation.

In this process, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and app development may all play a part, depending on current and future needs. We ensure that your digital adoption is sustainable and that it enhances productivity as early as possible. We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique challenges, identify opportunities for growth or efficiency, and create a tailored digital roadmap. Our Mission Teams approach creates quick wins that build confidence and know-how immediately and over the long term.


People Analytics

Harnessing data to optimise human capital

What we do 

People analytics is a specialised service that focuses on leveraging data to understand, manage, and optimise an organisation’s most valuable asset – its people. Our offering encompasses workforce planning, talent acquisition and management, employee engagement, churn prediction, performance measurement, and diversity and inclusion, helping businesses create a thriving and high-performing workforce.


How we do it 

Our distinctive approach combines our expertise in data analytics with our knowledge of human capital management, providing clients with tailored solutions that address their specific workforce challenges.

Our people analytics capability goes beyond traditional HR metrics to deliver actionable insights that can unlock the full potential of an organisation’s workforce. Our multidisciplinary team of data scientists, HR professionals and industry experts work collaboratively with clients to develop solutions and strategies that address the unique dynamics of their workforce. Using advanced tools and techniques such as predictive analytics and machine learning, we provide clients with a deep understanding of the factors that drive employee performance, satisfaction, and retention.


Agile Transformation and Strategy

What we do

Agile transformation enables organisations to embrace agile principles throughout the organisation. In this critical area, we work at various levels.

Leadership is brought into the agile transformation from the beginning, and are taught agile principles and methods for managing their teams, projects and people. Appropriate measurement tools such as OKRs are introduced, and steps are taken to align performance management systems and organisational governance with the principles of ‘agile’.

At the project level, we show how teams can adapt the organisation’s way of working to agile principles and agile thinking. These principles include incremental delivery of projects, constant re-evaluation in light of past performance and changing needs, rapid decision making, collaboration and transparency, low-risk experimentation, and the development of cross functional teams, which we call ‘Mission Teams’.


How we do it  

MAC does not view the rigid introduction of typical agile methods such as Kan-Ban, Scrum, daily stand-ups and the like as essential to becoming more agile. Many organisations resist this methodology-driven approach, and so miss out on the considerable benefits of agile as an overall approach.

Rather than imposing a model, we work with the principles; our focus is on unlocking the intrinsic agility of the organisation in ways that are culturally and organisationally appropriate. Unlike many other attempts at agile, we do not allow leadership to delegate the introduction of agile to the organisation. The approach is so critical that it cannot be delegated, but must be modelled by leaders who show the way through personal example. We work with leaders to devise ways of working that are aligned with their culture and with the challenges they are dealing with.


Data & Analytics

Transforming data into actionable insights

What we do  

Our data & analytics offering empowers businesses to harness the power of their data, turning it into valuable insights that drive informed decision making and strategic growth. Our services cover data strategy, data governance, data analysis, business intelligence, and predictive analytics.


How we do it 

Our approach to data & analytics is centred on bespoke solutions that solve well-defined business problems. Our dedicated team of data scientists, analysts and industry experts work collaboratively with clients to develop tailored analytics models and data-driven strategies that yield measurable results.

We pride ourselves on our ability to transform complex data into clear, actionable insights that enable clients to make confident, data-informed decisions. Our industry-specific knowledge allows us to develop custom-made analytics solutions that address the unique challenges faced by each client, providing a competitive advantage in their respective markets.


Process Mining, Automation & Digitisation

Unlocking efficiency and agility through data-driven process optimisation 


What we do  

Our process mining is a cutting-edge offering that makes use of data analytics and advanced algorithms to discover, monitor and optimise an organisation’s business processes. By analysing event log data from various systems, we identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks and deviations in processes, enabling businesses to streamline operations, improve productivity and enhance overall performance.


How we do it  

Our process mining approach is distinguished by the seamless integration of our four key capability areas: Business Transformation, People, Programme and Digital. By combining our expertise in these domains, we ensure that process improvements are not only data-driven but also holistically aligned with the organisation’s strategic goals and culture. Our team of process mining specialists, data analysts, and industry experts collaborate closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that drive sustainable process optimisation and create lasting impact.

We understand that every organisation has unique process challenges, and our process mining capability is designed to address those specific needs. We employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques, including AI-powered process discovery and conformance checking, providing clients with a granular understanding of their process landscape. This empowers you, our client, to make informed decisions about process improvements, based on real-time data and insights.