Operational Excellence


Today, we are recognised for the high value operational solutions that we have delivered to clients over the entirety of MAC Consulting’s existence.

Our experience and expertise, which initially focused on mining and oil/gas, has evolved across industries to keep pace with advancing theory, best practice and methodologies. We now have experience implementing multiple methodologies such as LEAN and continuous improvement across all sectors.

We are therefore able to customise solutions that work for our clients, based on their particular operational philosophies and realities. Our services include business process re-engineering / LEAN, continuous improvement, supply chain management, operational readiness, and capital project enablement. Our Operational Excellence focal points are the following:

Business Process Improvement

Within every organisation exists a myriad of processes, each connected to another, that are developed to ensure that the resources deployed deliver against requirements. Typically, each of these processes can be improved significantly.

In order for these processes to perform sustainably, there is a requirement to ensure that the structures, competencies, management systems and infrastructure are aligned and implemented to support the processes.

Continuous Improvement (LEAN/AGILE)

At MAC, our team of dedicated and experienced specialists assist companies to design and strategically execute an approach for getting the most from their people, processes and systems while leveraging basic business drivers in terms of safety, quality, delivery, cost and engagement.

We have proven and practical expertise in this field, using fit-for-purpose interventions which yield sustainable and significant benefits to our clients. At MAC, we assist leaders in developing grounded and integrated management and measurement systems, enabling them to see, understand and improve business performance.

Supply Chain Management

At MAC, we partner with leading companies to find innovative and practical solutions for their strategic and operational supply chain challenges. Supply chain is no longer viewed as an operational function, instead as a strategic capability that can offer companies a competitive advantage. To that end, and in order for a supply chain to be effective, its multiple elements need to be examined and integrated.

Operational Readiness

At MAC, we support project teams through operational readiness to ensure that capital projects achieve their value proposition. MAC’s expertise leverages off our diverse experience in driving business value. This has been tailored to the operational readiness function to ensure that projects achieve their return on investment goals. We work hand-in-hand with client project teams to ensure that the operational requirements are met and that business value is created.

Shared Services

Our approach to shared services is pragmatic in that we design solutions that meet best practice criteria and, at the same time, account for a client’s specific environment and needs. This involves evaluating the business benefits and feasibility of combining services, and designing and implementing workable solutions that leverage economies of skill and scale in a customer-centric way.

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