Strategy Advisory


Our experienced teams have worked extensively with our clients to develop strategies that address a range of opportunities and challenges, locally and internationally, and at all levels within organisations.

It is in the implementation of strategy that our contribution is typically most valued. Our biggest requirement is often the ability to facilitate teams as they develop, evolve, and implement the changes required for their strategies over the medium- to long-term. Our strategy advisory services include:

Strategy Facilitation and Implementation

Organisations often need assistance, not in formulating strategy, but in narrowing the choices and focusing on execution. We speak of enablement because we typically enable an organisation to develop its own strategy, by taking them through a process designed for their own needs.

Digital Strategy Implementation and Analytics

Globalisation and exponential changes in technology are fundamentally shifting business models and ways of working for the majority of our clients. At MAC Consulting we assist our clients with the capacity to think more strategically and work on the business.

We also enable them to bring in new ways of working that support the integration of new technologies. This shift is enabled through the adoption of a continuous improvement mindset. Depending on the requirement, we adopt principles from AGILE, LEAN and Design Thinking to customise the approach for our different clients.

Operating Model Design and Implementation

Our track record of designing and implementing multiple operating models and key components is extensive. Our team has delivered on multi-year, multinational projects across all key functions of our client businesses.

Leveraging the senior experience in our teams, and exposure to multiple methodologies and approaches to operating model design, we focus on customising an approach that works for our clients.

Our teams adopt a strong consultative and collaborative approach, engaging with our clients to co-design and plan an approach to implement the changes that consider the broader systemic elements within the organisation.

Organisational Design

Organisations are constantly changing shape to meet the demands of their customers and market. Small tweaks are made to structures by line management during the course of day-to-day business. As a result, processes and job responsibilities are also impacted and every small change to the structure slowly adds up, resulting in an ineffective or inefficient environment that is often misaligned to strategy.

Our approach to organisation design is pragmatic and methodical to ensure that an organisation’s operating model is translated into an aligned set of processes and structures, supported by appropriate performance metrics, competent people, and rewards to deliver on its objectives to best effect.

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