MAC has more than 25 years’ experience working jointly with clients to develop sustainability strategies, and provide expertise enabling the implementation of sustainability initiatives.

MAC’s strength is in the integration and alignment of sustainability strategies, translating objectives into tangible results. This combination of strategic alignment and ability to successfully execute, enables businesses to move towards the point where sustainability becomes a competitive advantage. Our sustainability services include:

Sustainability Advisory

MAC has delivered projects across all stages of the sustainability value chain, from developing strategy to creating journey maps, as well as designing and implementing projects, and providing support for monitoring and measuring the impact of sustainability initiatives.

In the realm of sustainability lies both risk and opportunity. Companies that fail to address their wider societal and environmental impact will endure more frequent scrutiny and exacerbation of risks such as negative public sentiment, as well as the loss of social, and in some cases legal, license to operate.

Equally, companies that re-invent their products and services to harness the potential of the entire value chain, and work with stakeholders to reshape their industry in a way that creates shared value, can become industry leaders.

Socio-Economic Community Development

Poverty, inequality and unemployment remain rife in many parts of the world, and this negatively affects the creation of sustainable communities and businesses. Our approach to socio-economic development is to create growth opportunities by working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders, providing access to skills development, establishing job creation initiatives, and accessing development finance to ensure socio-economic growth plans become reality.

Governance and Ethics

Private and state-owned companies have an obligation to be accountable and transparent to their shareholders and other stakeholders, as well as the broader society they operate in. Depending on the organisation and industry, a variety of codes, as well as international compacts and/or regulatory requirements must be met. MAC is able to advise on which of these codes are essential, by linking an organisation’s business and sustainability strategies to the organisation’s overall strategic objectives.

Development Funding

Every year billions are spent on good causes by corporates, DFIs, donors and aid agencies. Too often, however, results are disappointing, with no real positive change at economic, social or environmental levels. At MAC, we believe in accessing development funding to leverage shared value and promote collective impact. We employ a six-step approach to access development funding on behalf of clients and seek to leverage collaborative funding.


Mining and manufacturing companies are constantly faced with challenges in ensuring the safety of their employees. Great strides have been made in safety performance through legislation, technical advances and improved safety standards.

At MAC, we believe that a direct relationship exists between certain corporate imperatives, the nature and quality of leadership, the level of engagement of the workforce, and what we call the safe production mindset. We help organisations understand the origins and impact of behaviour on the safe production mindset and subsequent at-risk behaviours.

Carbon and Energy Policy

The World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2017 rated "failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation" as one of the top ten global risks. MAC's approach to advising clients combines an in-depth understanding of the carbon and energy environment with a thorough assessment of business needs.

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